Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting Small...Only the Best Make the Final Cut

Though the Lineage Wine Company will release just one wine, I cull through about 100 others to get down to the very best. I look at each barrel of wine - even if it is only one of 15 barrels from the same lot of Cabernet, for instance - as a separate entity.

The wine in each barrel is ultimately "colored" by its time in that container...some barrels impart more toasty wood than others, more chocolate or graphite or cedar. Even barrels from the same cooper, forest, and toast level can taste dramatically different.

In making the final blend of 2007 Lineage, only 5 barrels made the final cut. As you can see from the detail on our label, those five barrels yielded 1193 Bottles, 60 Magnums, 10 Double-Magnums, and 10 Five Liters, less than 120 cases total.

No matter how many cases Lineage Wine Company may produce in the future, you can be sure that they will be the best cases that we can produce.    

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