Monday, February 1, 2010

One Line

"...touched by that dark miracle of chance which makes new magic in a dusty world."
-Look Homeward, Angel

Sometimes you find what you are looking for; sometimes it finds you. Had a nurseyman from France not been late to the gold rush; and had he not found the sublime fecundity of the Santa Clara Valley; had his daughter not married another Frenchman and had a son before that first husband's early death; had that great grandfather not felt the green tug of the earth too, and not had two sons who had four others who made a premium brand in the antediluvian days of the California wine business; and had one of them not had a son who crossed the country to the big cities to grow up and then recrossed it, feeling the same beat of the asphalt under the verdant carpet of Livermore Valley vineyard; if all, or even a single one of these things, had not spooled out the way they did, there would be no chance for this Lineage.

Lineage - the wine - is a mission, a challenge, and an idea. Nothing like it has ever been attempted from our growing area. It is our mission, challenge, and idea to show that this is so because of a failure of imagination not a failure of appellation.

Whether the forebears knew it or not, Lineage began with them. It is up to this generation to bring it to the larger world. Join our Mailing List to take the journey with us.  

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